Logging in to La Trobe PebblePad

You can access the link to your La Trobe PebblePad account in two ways.

1 - From the La Trobe Student page


OR directly,

2 . From the following web address



Your La Trobe login - student name and password, can be used to access both PebblePad and the LMS (Learner Management System).



pebblepad login page

If you are using a tablet or iPhone

PebblePad uses a technology called Flash. Apple has not enabled Flash on their iPads or iPhones. So the PebblePad have provided an alternate platform in HTML5 for users who want to access their assets from their mobile devices. The functionality is essentially the same but the interface looks different.

html interface

If you want to use this version you should access the Help materials at the following link.

Access HTML 5 Help materials here





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