Why do kids misbehave?

Before we go any further it is a good time to think more about the possible reasons for student misbehaviour.

Alfred Adler, Rudolph Dreikurs and Maurice Balson believe that students misbehave to achieve self-serving goals. Humans need and want to belong to social groups. This applies to students too so they are seeking to behave in a way that they perceive will gain them recognition and belonging. Unfortunately they often turn to disturbing ways of seeking belonging when they are discouraged from feeling confidence that positive behaviours will produce belonging. These students start to believe that they can't "belong" through positive behaviours.

For you as a teacher it will help if you can get a handle on "why students behave the way they do" in order to enable you to implement effective behaviour management strategies.

Let's look at these behaviours in more detail in the interaction below. You will learn about the various types of self serving misbehaviour.




It's time to do some reading and an activity to look at how the world of the classroom has changed and the implications for your own teaching practice.


In this artiicle, Maurice Balson focusses on some of the reasons behind misbehaviour in kids and what teachers can do to assist. Bearing in mind what you have read and looked at so far in this subject, start to build a mindmap of the issues and some possible approaches and solutions.

You may choose to use a piece of paper and some sticky labels to do this OR you could use one of the freely available mindmapping tools available on the web.

We will come back to this mindmap at various times and you will be asked to add to your map as your ideas on classroom management expand.